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There was a record number of forest fires in British Columbia on this date. The air was thick with smoke.

Tangerine Sunrise

August 21, 2018

Smoke from the north soils the waxing moon.
Before I lose heart and change my mind,
I click my watch to clock my morning run,
at first a shuffle and then a longer stride
up the darkened street by Catherine Creek.
Breathing is harsh until the road turns flat.
First thoughts: protect my damaged knee
and work to sync my breathing with my stride,
blowing a puff on every fourth step.

Leaving the lights of the neighborhood, my eyes adjust
to the grass-wrapped blacktop of the Centennial Trail.
Small brown rabbits scurry about,
hopping along, barely faster than me,
their white tails a perfect target for predators.
I’m settling in to my go-forever pace;
all is smooth and comfortable—I could go for miles!

Rhododendron Trailhead: rooster launches the dawn.
At the end of the out of my out-and-back,
I pause to stretch. I can almost taste the air.
Beautiful British Columbia is burning up.

The route to home is a downhill glide from here.
For most, this section of the trail is fun
and easy, but not when a knee is bone on bone.

Day is coming. My milestone markers are visible:
white paint for the culverts, yellow posts
for the gas line, trail mileage numbers
in half-mile increments, and the path for horses.
The sky is dirty blue from forest fires,
but rounding the bend and turning east
I get a rare surprise—a tangerine sunrise
glowing behind Three Fingers Mountain.

The go-forever pace is long gone
as I jog under the road to Granite Falls,
climb a slope, enter Catherine Drive,
and struggle at looking good in the neighborhood.

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Author Bio

Dave Baldwin recently retired as senior technical writer from the Walt Disney Company (Technology Division) after 40+ years as a technical writer and editor. In his career, he also worked for Boeing, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Amazon. He has been a naval officer, college teacher, real estate broker, and masters track and field athlete (high jump and middle-distance races).

Dave is the author of a book about the history of track and field. A poet for many years, he is the former national secretary for the Haiku Society of America. He is a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Snohomish, Washington, and lives in nearby Lake Stevens.

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