New Poetry

I have three new poems published on MyEdmondsNews, an online journal for the city of Edmonds. Click this to view. When you open this page, you might get a request for a donation. This will block your view. Click the red button that says CLICK HERE. This opens a second web page where you can make a donation if you want to do that. Go back to the first web page to read the poem.

I wrote a poem about the Coronavirus for my faith community at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Snohomish, WA. It is titled “Mass in Times of a Pandemic.” Click this to view. Also, here is a video of my narration of the poem:

NOTE: A special thank you goes out to my 16-year-old grandson in Florida, Max Renner, for helping me create this video. Max is a skilled programmer already. It appears this young man has a bright future in software engineering. Thanks, Max!

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