Third Sunday After the Epiphany

Year A Readings:

  • Isaiah 9:1-4
  • Psalm 27:1, 5-13
  • 1 Corinthians 1:10-18
  • Matthew 4:12-23

Leaving Home

Jesus set out from the pinched, provincial town
of Nazareth and made his home in Capernaum by the lake,
one of many towns near the Sea of Galilee.
A fertile region with editable fish in the lake,
Galilee was a prosperous crossroads for trade.
It was also a fertile region for new ideas
where opinions mingled in the heated crucible of debate.
Jesus did not look back. He began his ministry
of teaching, of proclaiming the good news of the kingdom,
and of the healing of bodies and souls for those who asked.
By his example, we know that leaving home
can lead to liberating the best version of ourselves.
A hometown is more than a place: it is a state of mind.
What would it take for you who read these lines
to set out to be the best version of yourself?

January 26, 2020

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