Anthem Lyrics

Lyrics for Sacred Music

I am collaborating with composer Kerry Lewis. Kerry is the Music Staff Associate at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Saratoga, California. I write the lyrics and he sets them to music.  We began this project in August 2016. Click here to see Kerry’s professional portfolio.

My lyrics for sacred music are now available in book form. Thank you for your interest!

Graphic by Susie Uhl


Almost all of the poems in this book initially were written as lyrics for church anthems. Since the summer of 2016, I have been collaborating through the magic of the internet with Kerry Lewis. I live in Washington state. Kerry is a composer, musician, and arranger of church music who lives in Santa Clara, California.

I write the lyrics and he sets my words to music. We created 15 anthems so far. Kerry has enough lyrics from me to keep busy for at least another year.

Our website is Check it out. Listen to the sound files on the Portfolio page. If you like what you hear, order the musical scores from Kerry’s publisher.

This is the first time I worked with a composer. It is a challenge. Since the following poems are written for the purpose of music, they deploy simple vocabulary and strict metrical schemes. We don’t do free verse! My lyrics feature more repetition than one is likely to see in poetry journals these days. A successful lyric should have a good “swing” to it. A great church anthem needs two things: an inspiring yet understandable message and a memorable tune.

I encourage you to read these poems aloud. This is not English Department literature. Even if the verses are never set to music, they are designed for public speaking. Give it a try.

One more thing: while you are reading these verses aloud, imagine you are singing the words with a full-throated voice coming from deep in your chest. I wrote many of the lyrics with the idea that singers would render my words in song.

With this book, my lyrics stand alone as poetry.


The contents are divided into six categories:

  • Faith (21 poems)
  • History (10)
  • Wisdom (5)
  • Parables (13)
  • Prophesy (4)
  • Social Justice (12)



How To Order

The best way to order the book is to write to me at Shipping is free.