The Dullards

Psalm 94

The dullards say
God takes little notice of evil
Throughout the world, and does not care.

The ignorant dullards
Pour out their boastful, arrogant words.
They crush the people and soil our heritage.

The evil dullards
Murder the helpless widow, the orphan,
And the innocent stranger—without remorse.

The dullards claim
That evil is simply the way of the world,
That the God of Jacob does not perceive.

But only a dullard
Would think that God does not see—
The God who made the dullard’s eye.

Only a dullard
Would think that God does not hear—
The God who planted the dullard’s ear.

The God of Jacob
Sees and hears the way of the world.
The time is coming to school the dullards.

The God of Jacob
Will raise his people when the time is right
And give to the proud what they deserve.


Copyright © 2017 David DeForest Baldwin – All rights reserved.

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